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The Sultans Trail Foundation – A European Cultural Route aims to:

Develop, preserve and promote the Sultans Trail: the cultural-historical long- distance-hiking and cycling route from Vienna to Istanbul, passing through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.Collect historical facts and information, as well as to publish guidebooks and other promotional materials in relation to the Sultans Trail;Categorize and support historical buildings, places, customs and traditions, along the Sultans Trail;To establish the route, and undertake all actions related to the previous.

Among others, the foundation tries to realize its goals by means of historical research, building, informing and supporting sister organizations and local networks, organize promotional activities, mark the route, either with the support of local people, groups, organizations, universities, companies or governmental institutions. Annually we organize at least one event or expedition with a group of hikers and or historians.

Thank you so much for this wonderful ‘cultural adventure’ throughout half of Europe! Amazing!I have only been in Bratislava, Budapest and Istanbul, but the countryside certainly looks like a challenge to be met!

Georgia Angelopoulou, Greece
Membership & Communications Manager, World Trails Network

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Do you like hiking, cycling, culture, nature and history? Would you like to meet people of all ages and with different cultural backgrounds? Then join us on the Sultans Trail: a scenic and historic hiking and cycling route from Vienna to Istanbul .

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